Little League is a time to cultivate your skills and become a better baseball player. So, you gotta expect a couple mental lapses here and missed throws there, but Elizabeth Lloyd isn't trying to hear all that. Two years ago, the 45-year-old Lloyd was sitting at a picnic table while an 11-year-old Matthew Migliaccio was warming up at a fenced-in bullpen nearby. Accidentally, Matthew had one throw sail over the enclosed area and the ball hit Elizabeth in the face. As a result, Ms. Lloyd is suing a now 13-year-old kid for his errant throw. 

In the lawsuit, Elizabeth is claiming that the throw that struck her in the face was intentional, reckless and caused “severe, painful and permanent” injuries. Lloyd is looking to get more than $150,000 in damages to cover the medical costs stemming from the Manchester Little League incident. “The whole thing has almost been surreal,” Migliaccio's father (pictured above) said. “It’s absurd to expect every 11-year-old to throw the ball on target.” Hopefully, this kid's been saving his allowance money. 

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[via Larry Brown Sports]