Are you still mad about the Heat winning the NBA title? This story should help you get over it.

Because Miami was able to beat the Thunder and win the title late last week, adult film stars Sara Jay and Angelina Castro have both agreed to make good on the #teamBJNBA offer that they made prior to the end of the 2012 NBA Finals. That offer said that if King James and the Heat were able to win the 'chip, they'd give all of their Twitter followers a (free!) blowjob. Yeeeeeeep. You read that right. And, they've already got a date for the event set up and everything. They're looking to follow through with their #teamBJNBA offer on August 2 down in Miami.

Now, if you want to get involved (we're not necessarily co-signing it, but hey, it's your sexual history life…), there are a shitload of rules and regulations that the girls have created to make sure that this process runs smoothly. Before you sign up, you can check them out over here. So, who's in?

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[via The L Magazine]