Basketball purists and old heads say their biggest beef with the Heat is the way they were formed. They say that Michael and Magic and Barkley never would have orchestrated a super team, or that squads like OKC and the Spurs have done it the right way. The way that Miami did it was cheap and cheated the league and its fans. 

So the Heat built their team through a secret pact that brought together three of the biggest superstars in the league. Sorry, this is a fucking problem? In today's NBA, getting the chance to play alongside other great players isn't guaranteed, particularly given the ineptitude of some talent evaluators *cough* Danny Ferry *cough*. Ask Allen Iverson what life was like in Philadelphia, T-Mac in Orlando, Kevin Garnett in Minnesota, and countless others—it wasn't fun.

The old heads who gave LeBron a hard time when he went to the Heat? Michael Jordan won six rings—three with Scottie Pippen and a Hall of Fame paint player in Dennis Rodman and three with Pippen and a criminally underrated paint player in Horace Grant. Magic Johnson didn't have to collude with other superstars because he landed on a team that already had Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and would later draft James Worthy. Charles Barkley tried to form his own Big Three with Drexler and Olajuwon, he just waited until he was an old-ass man to do it. LeBron and Chris Bosh were never given the pieces they needed by the teams that drafted them, so they took matters into their own hands. Tell us that if you were in your mid 20s and had a chance to play with two of your boys, who were also great players, and have a solid shot at hogging rings, all while living in South Beach, you wouldn't take it? #thoughtso