Years: 1987-2004
Teams: Bulls, Magic, Sonics, Lakers
The Alfred to Jordan and Pippen's Batman and Robin, Horace Grant has always been acknowledged as a key component of the Bulls' first threepeat, but you can make the argument that during a couple of those years it could've been Scottie doing the butlering back at the Batcave. Grant had two legitimately great years with the Bulls: in 1991-92 when he averaged 14 and 10, and 1993-94 when he averaged 15 and 11 and made his lone All-Star team. In his first nine trips to the playoffs with Chicago and Orlando, he failed to shoot better than .540 only twice, and in addition to his three chips in Chi-Town, he picked up a ring with the Lakers in '01 and helped guide the Magic to the Finals in '95.