Maserati and Alfa Romeo CEO Harold Wester revealed last week that Maserati is seriously considering building a mid-engined supercar on the architecture of the Alfa Romeo 4C called GranSport. Better still, it will feature the charismatic V8 found in the GranTurismo MC, weigh no more than 1200kg (2,645 lbs), and cost less than a $137,500 Porsche 911 Turbo. In order to fit that V8, the Alfa would have to be stretched to 4.4 meters (14.43 feet).

That means that this car's weight-to-power ratio will be 0.171644, based on the GranTurismo MC's 454 horsepower. A Ferrari 458 Italia has a weight to power ratio of 0.171655 and is only a couple inches longer than the proposed Maser. The 458 also costs about $100,000 more than the proposed cap for the Maserati. 

As much as we would love to see a carbon fiber masterpiece like this on the road, we're not sure that Fiat would allow such a massive competitor to the mid-engined Ferrari from within its own ranks.

[via EVO]