Lincoln has asked for access to the rear-wheel drive platform of the next gen Ford Mustang. To us, this clearly points at an entry level luxury sedan that could go head-to-head against the new Cadillac ATS and the reigning BMW 3-Series. 

While that would be cool, what we really want to see is something with more sex appeal, because sex appeal used to be a stand by in Lincoln's playbook. We suggested it ourselves to the Executive Director of Ford Americas Design in our interview regarding the Evos concept, and we'd still like to see it: a Lincoln Mark IX... or XI depending on how one counts. 

If the Mustang platform were stretched in order to fit four people comfortably, we could have a new breed of personal luxury car. Think of it as the American answer to the Maserati GranTurismo or the BMW 6-Series. The same V8 as the 'stang could serve as a base model, while a supercharged version, not unlike the upcoming Shelby GT500, would put the Mark IX/XI in the position to challenge the M6 and other cars of its ilk. 

That would give Lincoln its sexy back.

[via Car & Driver]