Who do you see as the primary competition for LeBron James? D-Rose? Kobe, right? Well, how about Kevin Durant? Because according to King James himself, KD is the player that pushes him the most. In an interview with ESPN's Rachel Nichols, LeBron expanded on his belief saying, “For him to continue to work hard...he’s going to be my inspiration,” James said. “He’s going to be the person that I look at each and every night to see what he did in a game so I can match him. [He's] someone I want to compete with year after year.” Later on in the conversation, LeBron went on to say that he considers Durant his brother after the two worked out together last summer and complimented KD as “a hell of a player” and "a great person, too.” So, do y'all agree with Bron Bron's point-of-view? Should Durant really be considered LeBron's main adversary? Or is it somebody else? 


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[via Larry Brown Sports]