Karl Malone would make a horrible general manager for an NBA team. Owners, you've been warned. In a move that would immediately catapult him to the #1 spot on our list of the Dumbest Front Office Moves in Sports History, Malone confessed on the Dan Patrick Show that he would prefer to start a team with Scottie Pippen over Michael Jordan. Now, we have nothing against Scottie, but when you compare every guy with arguably the best player to ever compete in the sport, we're going to take Jordan in a heartbeat.

Well, maybe we're being a little too harsh on The Mailman, so let's hear him out. When discussing the new "Dream Team" documentary with Dan Patrick, Malone was asked which member of the iconic team he would choose to play alongside him and he couldn't choose his former teammate, John Stockton.

I would have to start my team with Scottie Pippen. This is why I would take Scottie: Do you remember the time that Michael retired? I watched Scottie Pippen when the Chicago Bulls weren't really good and Scottie led that team in every statistical category, and I just remembered that.

Plus, he's a guy who could care less about scoring. He wants to stop the best player on the other team. That would have been pretty cool, to see Scottie guarding Michael.

We understand that some people will say that Malone isn't that crazy when you consider Pippen does hold a place among the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History. However, when LeBron and Kobe burst onto the scene, the first comparison people made was with MJ, not Scottie. And there's a reason for that.  

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[via Bleacher Report]