When we put up a post last week about Kobe Bryant auctioning off the protective mask he wore earlier this season on eBay, we had absolutely no idea how much it'd go for. The bidding was only up to about $2,500 at the time so we thought that maybe—maybe!—it'd go for five figures. But, there's not exactly a big "protective mask memorabilia" market out there, so we were pretty clueless. Turns out, we were way off on our guess.

The Kobe mask, which was autographed by Kobe, was just officially sold for—ready for this?—$61,700. Yep, someone out there paid more than $60,000 for a sweaty piece of plastic. It's for a good cause (the proceeds benefit Kobe's foundation), but still…it's a sweaty piece of plastic! Oh well. To whoever out there shelled out $60K for it: Enjoy it. Or, at least, enjoy it as much as you can enjoy a sweaty piece of plastic.

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[via USA Today]