Oh, you thought Kobe Bryant was kidding when he said that he was thinking about auctioning off the protective mask that he had to wear earlier this season for charity? Well, he wasn't. Right now, you have the opportunity to bid on Kobe's now-infamous mask on eBay with all proceeds from the sale of the mask going to the Kobe & Vanessa Bryant Family Foundation. It won't be cheap, though. Bidding on the mask, which is autographed by Kobe, is already up to $2550 and there are still six more days to go until the auction ends. So, if you're really serious, you're gonna need to get your bids in early and often. And, you'll also need to be pre-approved in order to get in on the auction.

Hmmm…Pay the rent—or buy the Kobe mask? Pay the car note—or buy the Kobe mask? Pay the electric bill—or buy the Kobe mask? Sounds like a pretty easy decision to us!

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[via eBay]

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