If you're a Knicks fan, do you know what you can get at Madison Square Garden for $43? Three hot dogs, a pretzel, and a Bud Light. That's it. But, if you're a Bobcats fan, do you know what you can get at The Time Warner Cable Arena for $43? If Charlotte wins the draft lottery later this month, a season ticket for the team's 2012-2013 campaign.

That's right, Bobcats fans (all six of you!). The team just started a new marketing campaign that calls for the price of about 500 upper deck seats at the arena to be adjusted according to whatever draft pick the Bobcats get in the 2012 NBA Draft. If they get the first pick, a seat will cost $1 per game. If they get the second pick, a seat will cost $2 per game. And, so on and so forth. So, it's conceivable that if the Bobcats get the No. 1 pick, Bobcats fans could watch all of Anthony Davis' home games next year for less than 50 bucks. And, the furthest the Bobcats can fall in the draft is the fourth pick, which would mean season tickets for the seats would cost just $4 per game or $172 a pop.

It almost (we said almost!) makes us wish we lived in Charlotte instead of New York. Enjoy the benefits of having a sucky team, guys!

[via Sports Kings]

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