This should do wonders for the reputation of the Cincinnati Bearcats men's basketball program. Just five months after the 'Cats got into one of the worst brawls in NCAA history during a regular-season game against Xavier, several Cincy players allegedly got into another brawl on Saturday night—this time with a bouncer at a Cincinnati nightclub. According to a police report filed yesterday, several as-yet-unnamed players attacked a bouncer at the PLAY nightclub in downtown Cincinnati late Saturday night after he asked the players to leave a VIP section.

"I said, 'You guys need to calm down,'" bouncer Brian McLucas claims he told the players. "And whenever I did that, I looked to the right of me and right as I looked to the right of me I seen the dude take three quick steps and punch me in the eye."

The beatdown allegedly continued from there. And, just like that, the players allegedly gave McLucas—and the Bearcats basketball program—a black eye. Nice going, guys.

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[via Fox 19]