On Monday night, Reggie Miller came down extremely hard on LeBron James for reportedly reaching out to former NBA greats to ask them about what it takes to win an NBA title. His point was that Bron-Bron shouldn't have to ask. If he's got what it takes, he's got what it takes and that's that. Don't confuse that criticism for hate, though. In fact, during last night's Heat/Knicks game, Miller—who will be inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in September—showed King James the ultimate sign of respect.

Maybe he felt bad about what he said during Game 2 of the Heat/Knicks series. Or, maybe he just wanted to let LeBron know that he wasn't trying to send a shot at him earlier in the week. But, Miller made it a point to show James some love during the second half of Game 3 by saying that King James would be voted into the the Hall of Fame on his first ballot "even if he never plays another minute of basketball."

Even though it pains us to do it, we'd probably have to agree. He's got the numbers. He's got the individual awards. And, his impact on the game of basketball at this point—both on and off the court—is undeniable. But, we've gotta open this one up. Even without a ring, does the King already deserve a spot in the HOF?

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[via Sun-Sentinel]

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