The Corvette is one of the most crashed cars in the country. It's powerful, very fast, and can be a handful to control for an inexperienced driver. Luckily for the rental agency that provided the Corvette to WFTV in Miami, FL for this sting operation, Jay Nieves, the owner of Premier Parking Spot, appears to have plenty of experience driving cars that aren't his.

Premier Parking Spot promises to keep your car safe while you're away on a cruise leaving from Miami. We're not sure how hooning said sports car on a dirt road or leaving it for 20 minutes with the top down and the door open count as keeping it safe, but we are sure that Nieves is going to have his work cut out for him explaining that to a judge.

Good work on handing out your smack-down, WFTV.

[via WFTV]