We all know that Saints fans want their team to keep Drew Brees. But, just how much do they want the Saints to keep him? Diehard Saints fan Tony Le Mon has essentially posed that question by starting a website called FansStepUp.com that calls for Saints fans to donate money in order to give the Saints shotcaller a new contract.

"We can send a clear message to Drew Brees that we appreciate what he has done for us," he wrote on the site. "We can send a clear message to Drew Brees that we want him to stay here. At the same time, we can let other cities in this country know that we are the best fans anywhere and that we take care of our own."

Is there any chance that this will actually work? Eh, 'fraid not. Brees wants a hefty contract and, unless Birdman and Lil Wayne are pooling their money together and donating it to this cause, Le Mon isn't going to be able to raise enough dough to keep Brees himself. But, this story does show just how valuable Brees is to Saints fans. C'mon, Saints management: Step up and do the right thing! We'd hate to see what'll happen if you don't…

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[via Larry Brown Sports]