Apparently, the Fort Myers Miracle—a Class-A minor league baseball team affiliated with the Minnesota Twins—don't want to hear anymore shitty pop songs during their batting practices. Because, whatever the team is currently playing over the loudspeakers before their games is putting them to sleep. So, they banded together recently and put together a note asking their upper management to "please play some rap station during B.P." They claim it will "get us going and and ready to give the fan's a show."

And that's not all they're asking for. In addition to more rap music, Miracle players want the team to start playing the walk-up songs they've requested while they're actually, you know, walking up to the plate. And, they'd also request that pitchers' warm-up music be played while they're warming up as well.

And, if they don't get what they're asking for? Well, they've threatened to record a diss track and play it on a boom box at the Miracle's next home game…

Okay, okay, so we're just kidding about that last one. But, seriously: What do these guys have to do to get a little goddamn rap music before their games? Turn it up!

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[via Off The Bench]