There are some things you should never do while gambling. Don't accept a wager on live national TV. Don't agree to a bet that involves you doing something if you lose but not receiving anything in return if you win. And, for Christ's sake (literally!), don't bet against Tim Tebow. But, Wale managed to do all three this morning when he appeared on ESPN's First Take. He told Skip Bayless that he'll cut all of his hair off at the end of the 2012-2013 NFL season if Tebow ends up starting six or more games for the New York Jets. And, if he doesn't start six games? Wale gets…well, nothing.

To be honest, barring an injury to Mark Sanchez, we don't really see Tebow starting six games, either, Wale. But, that still doesn't sound like a very good bet to us. After all, you did see what happened last season when the entire world was betting against Tebow, right?

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[via ESPN First Take]

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