Who knew that little old ladies loved the NBA so much?!

Theresa Sanchez has been cheering for the San Antonio Spurs forever. No, really. Forever. The 104-year-old women has been a diehard Spurs fan since 1973 when the team first moved from Dallas to San Antonio. And yet, she's never actually made it out to a Spurs game…until now.

Last night, Sanchez was on hand to watch the Spurs whoop the Portland Trail Blazers 124-89 and clinch the top seed in the Western Conference at the AT&T Center after a volunteer at her nursing home donated five tickets to residents at the home.

"I was so surprised when they told me I was coming," said Sanchez, who wore a Manu Ginobili jersey and a pair of sneakers signed by Ginobili that were given to her when she turned 100 a few years ago. "I never thought I would come to a game, and this year, they're pretty good."

And, the trip was made even more impressive by the fact that Sanchez was thisclose to passing away a couple weeks ago. But, she managed to make enough of a recovery to attend her first game. Pretty cool stuff.

[via Spurs Nation]

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