This 105-year-old lady named Allene Wynn can't always remember exactly which day her birthday is. She doesn't know how many grandkids she has. And she has a hard time remembering much about her middle ages. But, she does know one thing: She's a diehard Lakers fan and she's not very happy with Kobe Bryant or any of his teammates right now! And if she ever met Kobe, she'd tell him that.

"I'd ask him why he ain't playin' no better," she says at the 1:37 mark of this clip. "The Lakers are making me mad. If I was able, I bet I could win."

Damn, Kobe. Can't you start winning some games for this lady? This season is killing her. Not literally, of course (she's 105—you think she hasn't been through some tough seasons?), but, c'mon! Do it for Allene!

[via Los Angeles Daily News]

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