It's 2012. So you'd think that people would be beyond erecting billboards with messages aimed at athletes. There are better ways to do it these days. You can start a blog. Or a Facebook page. Or, hell, a Twitter account. And yet, people continue to use billboards to deliver messages to athletes and professional sports teams. They did it in Denver for Tim Tebow. And now, they're doing it all across the country for Peyton Manning, too (peep the thumbnails above).

We get why they're doing it, too. The billboards get covered on sports blogs and by large media companies and gets tons of exposure for the companies that put them up. But apparently, the athletes get it as well. It's one reason Manning's lawyers just sent out a cease-and-desist letter to R&S Mattress, a company that put up a billboard in Arizona in an effort to try and get No. 18 to come play for the Cardinals.

No word yet on whether or not Manning will also request that billboards in Denver, Miami, and Nashville be removed. But we wouldn't be surprised at all if those cease-and-desist letters are already in the mail.

[via Business Insider]

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