Opponent: Howard
Date: 12/15/2011
"The product out of Oregon State has always been known as a leaper, but this one reminds me of my former teammate Jeron Rush in the 2000 NCAA tournament when he caught a half-court alley-oop from Earl Watson at Maryland in the second round. It was an absolutely sensational dunk. Like Jeron Rush, Cunningham did it seamlessly. When you jump in the air,  the original thought process is 'I'm going to get this and throw it down.' Then all of a sudden, you're twisting, making adjustments. The elevation, how clean he got it through, and the flare in which he did it with the bent legs and the arms all combined for one of the most spectacular dunks we've seen this year."

"It was effortless, and that's the beauty of this dunk: The lack of looking like he's trying. It's more the fluidity of it. Basketball at it's purest form sometimes does look like ballet, and that one looked like a dancer in the air."