Sure, quality guards can see the court, make the right reads and passesbut can they break ankles? Ankle breakers with a killer crossover do more than manage the offense. They get the crowd hype and throw daggers into the opposition. And in the college game, they're as valuable as any player on the court.

ESPN analyst Jay Williams knows something about quality guard play. In three years at Duke, Williams led the Blue Devils to a national title in 2001 and won the Naismith Award as a junior in 2002. According to Williams, an ankle breaker is someone who "gives me a highlight. They need to make me jump out of my seat and scream, ‘Oh my God did he just do that?!' Challenge me to explain to the world how you do what you do.”

With March Madness now in full swing with major conference tournaments beginning today on ESPN and Selection Sunday less than a week away, we talked to Williams about college basketball’s most aggressive and dangerous one-on-one scorers. Complex is kicking in the door on March Madness as Jay Williams Analyzes the NCAA’s 10 Best Ankle Breakers.

As told to Sean Evans (@seanseaevans)