Opponent: Xavier
Date: 2/4/2012
"What separates this dunk is that he jumps and the ball kind of goes away from him. He ends up catching it with his right hand below the rim, already at the pinnacle of his jump, but he's able to lift it back through and down as he's coming away from the rim. The adjustment was in transition, too. A lot of times, a guy will get caught watching his teammate making the basket. His only anticipation was getting on the Top 10 list in Complex Magazine. It's hard to make those adjustments in the air, and he made it look easy."

"A lot of times as fans, you watch a game and say, “Wow that was spectacular, that guy can really jump!” But if you really observe the adjustments and the visual aspect of it, the hand-eye coordination to be able to get the quick-twitch muscles to grab the ball, react, and throw it through in that manner."