Looks like Kobe Bryant has started a trend. Just a few weeks after he broke his nose during the 2012 NBA All-Star Game and was forced to start wearing a protective mask—a mask that has since been dubbed the "Kobe mask" and taken on a life of its own—there's yet another NBA superstar doing the same thing.

On Friday night, Chris Paul broke his nose during the first quarter of a game against the Spurs. So during last night's Clippers/Warriors game, he slipped on a protective mask for the first time in his career to prevent further damage from happening. And, in doing so, he made himself a candidate for this list of the most menacing masks in sports history.

"It was my first time wearing one," Paul said. "I found out after the game in San Antonio that I'd probably have to wear one. It's the first time I've ever been hit in my nose, so it's a first time for everything. It's different, but it doesn't inhibit anything."

Okay, folks. This is Los Angeles. So, we've gotta ask: Who's wearing the protective mask better right now—KB24 or CP3? Cast your vote now!

[via ESPN]

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