A lot of impressive things happened in the NBA over the weekend. Deron Williams dropped 57 points against the Bobcats. Kevin Love put up 42 points and 10 boards against the Trail Blazers. And Rajon Rondo tallied a triple-double against the Knicks that had Kevin Garnett singing his praises. But, the most impressive performer of the weekend had to be Kobe Bryant's mask, which moved into third place in the MVP race improved its record to 3-0 on the season during the Lakers 93-83 win over the Heat.

However, the "Kobe mask" might be out of a job soon. And not because Kobe's face is fixed. Rather, Kobe is reportedly still struggling with all the sweat that's trickling into his mouth during games when he wears the mask (eughk!). So the Lakers legendary trainer Gary Vitti has been working with basketball mask innovator Jerry McHale—who has created masks for Bill Laimbeer and Rip Hamilton in the past—to try and come up with a better one for Kobe. And that means that despite the fact that Kobe's old mask is still undefeated, it might be unemployed any day now.

Damn. Undefeated and still out of a job? That's Hollywood for ya.

[via The Orange County Register]

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