When you stand at 7-feet, 8-inches, sadly you don't have a lot of options in life. If you suck at basketball and you have too much pride to join the circus, what other choices do you have? Well, as it turns out, you can always join the Harlem Globetrotters. And that's exactly what Paul "Tiny" Sturgess (very clever with that nickname, buddy!) just did.

Now, granted the 24-year-old did play college ball for a couple years for Florida Tech and Mountain State. So, he's familiar with the game of basketball. But judging by the fact that we've never really heard of the guy, we're gonna go out on a limb here and say that he only got the chance to play in college because he makes Shaq look like a shrimp. And judging from this video, we're also gonna say that he never got a shot in the NBA because he looks like the kind of guy that Blake Griffin would take pleasure in dunking over. Still, it's pretty freaky to see just how tall this guy really is.

[via Outside the Box Score]

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