10. Chevrolet Camaro

Seen In: This is How We Do
Years Of Production: 1966-2002, 2009-present
Complex Says: The '69 is most def the sexiest year of them all for this homegrown beast. It is the most valuable and highly desired Camaro there is. This was the pinnacle year for muscle cars. Horsepower was at its peak, before gas prices led to the tragic death of muscle cars in the early '70s. This Camaro was available with the option of a small block or big block, and the Hurst shifter came standard. At the time, an engine larger than 400 cubic inches was forbidden of Chevrolet, so dealers, like the legendary Yenko, were putting in 427s themselves. This caused Chevy to use a special ordering process, which became known as the COPO (central office production orders) Camaros. These 427s go for six figures at auction today. A fine piece of American muscle.