Better Pitchman

Nowadays it isn't enough just to be a good athlete, you've got to to have to personality to bring in that endorsement cake, too. Eli began to make a name for himself as a pitchman following his Super Bowl XLII victory, appearing in Toyota ads and those somewhat pause-worthy Oreo commercials alongside his brother, Shaq, and the Williams sisters. Eli brought in $7M through endorsements in 2011.

Peyton's on another level when it comes to moving weight though (no Sam Hurd). The Colts QB (for now) brought in $15M in endorsements last year. His classic commercials for companies like Sprint, DirecTV, and MasterCard have made him one of the most marketable athletes today. Even if he never plays another down, we wouldn't mind seeing Peyton appear in a few more hilarious ads or host SNL again.

Advantage: Peyton

Eli: 4 | Peyton: 4