Winning in New York >>> Winning in Indianapolis

The pressures of playing in the Big Apple are enough to crack the most talented players. If you look at the New York sports landscape it's littered with coaches on the hot seat and players in the tabloids (word to Mike D'Antoni, Mark Sanchez, and Alex Rodriguez). In Green Bay, Brett Favre was an adored legend—all it took was one season in New York for him to become a silver-haired perv, more famous for sending dick pics than throwing touchdowns.

By contrast, Peyton is a Hoosier State folk hero. Dude didn't even have to win a Super Bowl, his back-to-back MVP awards were enough to get him a permanent spot between Larry Bird and Bobby Knight on Indiana's Mount Rushmore. It's harder to win when the lights are bright, the stage is big, and the expectations are high. Indianapolis vs. New York: advantage Eli.

Advantage: Eli

Eli: 9 | Peyton: 7