If you weren't aware by now, world class athletes have been tearing up Buttermilk Mountain in Aspen, Colorado at Winter X Games 16. One of the most exciting events is the superpipe, both for skiing and snowboarding. Skier David Wise took first place in the event with a 93-point second run that featured the impressive switch double flip. Although he took the top spot, he admitted to being a little bit shaken up after watching Justin Dorey's bad crash into the pipe lip. 

"Dorey fell on the trick that I was most scared of in my run," Wise said. "It was kind of nerve-racking to see him fall right before me and really blast himself. ... Just take a moment and refocus. Tell yourself it's just another run. All the outside influences don't matter. Every run is one run of you and the halfpipe."

It was his first gold medal at Winter X, and likely won't be his last. Contour Cameras slapped a helmet cam on Wise and got a great video of his practice run before the competition started. Be careful, though, it might make you a little dizzy. 

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[via Contour]

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