East Power Forward

Ryan Anderson, Orlando Magic
Statistics: 19.7 PPG, 7.4 RPG, 3.6 3ppg, 48 FG%

Look at Ryan Anderson's name. Now, look at the All-Star ballot. Now, look at his stats. Now, back to the ballot. Notice anything? Maybe the fact that his name isn't even listed? If the NBA is forced to release these names ridiculously early, it's only right that somebody who has been stellar to start the season at least gets a chance. It's not like this is an extremely rare showing from Anderson, either. He averaged 15 and 7 in his first full month on the court last year and 12 and 7 in the final month of the season. So, that's why we're here to give the man the shine he deserves. Congrats, Ryan, you just beat out LeBron James. How you?