Although it hasn't even been two weeks since the season started, and most teams have only played five or six games, the NBA opened up its All-Star ballots yesterday. If you were staring at the email invite with a puzzled "what the hell?" face, you weren't alone. It is absolutely insane to think that people can already start voting (which you can do here) on who should make the team, but with the shortened season, it is something the league had to do to give the appropriate period of voting time. Let's be real, though. Yao Ming has proven that people don't vote All-Stars based purely on performance and stats.

Instead of complaining about the whole situation, we decided to have some fun by highlighting some extremely unexpected names (what up, Spencer Hawes and J.J. Redick!) for our All-Star squad and handing out some equally ridiculous awards. Here are The Totally Premature, Way Too Early Complex NBA All-Star Team and Awards.