27. C3

Year: 1968-1982
Complex Says: The C3 Corvette's mako shark-inspired design was an instant hit, and it is still one of the most beautiful cars ever made. It is one of the few designs that has aged so well as to look fresh and striking all these years later. The C3 generation ran for 14 years and a lot happened in them. From the early models, which were graced by things like the massive 454ci (7.4L) big-block V8, to the '80s, in which the Corvette languished under new fuel economy and air cleanliness laws. The 1980 California 305 made a sad little 180hp. For most of the years the C3 was in production, it was a high-performance, proud, loud, fast piece of ostentatious Americana...just how we like it.