11. The Chargers Use No. 2 Pick on Ryan Leaf

Dumbass Move By: Bobby Beathard, Alex Spanos, and the San Diego Chargers
: 4/18/1998
The NFL Draft is, and always will be, one of the craziest events in sports. You have future Hall of Famers selected right next to infamous NFL Draft busts and no one really knows who is who quite yet. Unfortunately, San Diego ended up with the latter when they selected Ryan Leaf second overall right after the Colts had picked Peyton Manning. Many analysts praised Leaf for his arm strength while others said Manning's maturity made him better suited for the NFL.

Not only did the Chargers end up drafting one of the worst quarterbacks of all time, it's what they gave up to get him. They originally had the third pick but traded two first round picks, a second round selection, and return specialist Eric Metcalf to Arizona for the second overall pick in the draft. Yes, they gave up all of that to move up one measly spot and assure themselves of getting Leaf. If that weren't enough, they signed him to a $31.25 million contract which at the time included the largest rookie signing bonus ($11.25 million). After his poor performance on the field (four wins over three seasons) and spats with teammates, fans, and the media, the Chargers released him in 2000.