It's no secret that Kobe Bryant wants to be Michael Jordan. Not that we blame him. MJ is, after all, the GOAT (sorry, no arguments over this issue will be allowed!). But dude has basically swagger-jacked just about everything MJ ever did. He walks like him, talks like him, uses his mannerisms. Hell, we wouldn't be surprised if you told us Kobe attempts to catch the flu before playoff games so that he can try and replicate Mike's legendary performance back in 1997.

So, Kobe must be thrilled to hear that it sounds like His Airness is finally recognizing him as his equal. Writer Roland Lazenby is currently working on a book with MJ. And, earlier this week, he sent out a series of tweets indicating that Jordan seems to agree with all of the people who compare Kobe to him.

"I never said Kobe was better than MJ," Lazenby wrote. "MJ just told me Kobe's the only one to have done the work, to deserve comparison."

It's not exactly the highest praise we've ever heard someone give another person. But, hey: If you're Kobe, you're happy right now. And, if you're a Kobe hater? Well, we're sorry to have to be the ones to break this news to you. The comments section is all yours.

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[via Ball Don't Lie]

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