Goddamnit. Sorry, Giants fans. But your team will not be winning the Super Bowl this season. Not because they're not good enough. Oh no. That's not it at all. Rather, they won't be winning the 'chip in 2012, because, well, because the governor of New Jersey just jinxed you.

That's right. Garden State Governor Chris Christie just made it 100 percent clear that the Giants will not win the big game by making an appearance on the Today show this week in the days leading up to the Jints game against the 49ers and telling Matt Lauer that, should the Giants go the distance this year, he wants New Jersey, not New York, to host the celebratory parade.

Planning for a championship parade before your team has actually won anything? That's a big faux pas, sir. And we hope you're prepared for every Giant fan in New Jersey to hate you if the team loses in the playoffs this year. SMH. No more predictions from you, okay?

[via Off the Bench]