Less than 48 hours after knocking the Green Bay Packers out of the NFL Playoffs at Lambeau Field, the New York Giants are really feeling themselves. So with only a trip to San Francisco to play the 49ers in the NFC Championship Game standing between them and Super Bowl XLVI, at least one Giants player has already guaranteed that the G-Men will be playing in Indianapolis on February 5 for the Lombardi Trophy.

"We're not going to be denied," safety Antrel Rolle said yesterday, citing the Giants' "swagged out" mentality at the moment. "We understand what we have as a team. It's not all about talent, it's all about chemistry. We're jelling at this point...We wouldn't say we're unstoppable but our mindset is extreme at this point and we're not going to be denied. That's our mindset. In our minds, we can't be beat."

Hmmm...Confidence—or overconfidence? The Giants talked the same kind of talk last week before their game in Green Bay and they were able to walk the walk. So, hey: If talking shit works, keep doing it, right?

[via ESPN New York]

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