The Detroit Lions secondary got lambasted by Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints over the weekend. Let us say that again: Lambasted. They did okay in the first half. But the Saints probably could have put up 50 points in the second half, if they really wanted to. So after the game was over, a few fans from Detroit apparently got on Lions cornerback Aaron Berry on Twitter for his defense, or lack thereof, during the contest. And, somewhat understandably, he got upset after reading all of the criticism. But then he took things a little too far when he decided to go ahead and ether the entire downtrodden city of Detroit in response to a few unhappy fans.

"Y'all can go back to being Broke & Miserable," he wrote. "now back to regular scheduled programming..."

To his credit, he quickly deleted the tweet and replaced it with an apology. "I apologize to my loyal fans for my tweet," he wrote. "jus disgusting how ppl can get when they don't know nothin at all..."

But, c'mon, man! That's not exactly the best way to endear yourself to the city of Detroit, especially after the way the Lions played on Saturday night. And it's one of the reasons we won't be surprised in the least if we see you playing somewhere else next season.

[via Shutdown Corner]

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