By now, you've heard that Jay-Z and Kanye West performed their hit single, "N****s In Paris," not once, not twice, but ten times at the Staples Center in L.A. last night. And the producer of the song Hit Boy was in attendance to see it all go down. He wasn't the only celeb in the crowd, though. Tyler, the Creator also sent out a barrage of tweets about the show. Beyonce was reportedly in the building. And, according to Hit Boy, Kobe Bryant was there, too—and he had some kind words for the producer concerning "N****s In Paris." 

"Kobe just told me how much of a monster I created with NIP," he tweeted during the show. "I'm Kobe96 what you expect lol haaaa."

Not that we'd trust the guy who made this to be a good critic of music. But that's pretty cool, HB. Good for you. 

[via Twitter]

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