Toyota Chief Executive Akio Toyoda gave everybody a special treat by debuting the company's new rear-wheel drive sports car the "86" this weekend rather than at this week's Tokyo Motor Show like expected. 

The vehicle, which will be called the GT86 in Europe, is a tribute to the AE86 Corolla from the '80s and is powered by the world's first horizontally opposed boxer engine. Made in a collaborative effort, the 86 will have a twin model sporting a Suburu badge called the BRZ.

Although Toyota has been at the forefront of reliable and fuel-efficient cars, nothing on the lots screams young and fun. The 86 is meant to fix that with it's low center of gravity and light weight frame designed for superior driving comfortability. Tetsuya Tada, Toyota's chief engineer for the 86, said he wants the car to cost about as much as a recent graduate makes in his or her first year out of school. 

[via Reuters]