Every once in a while the Southerner on the @Complex_Sports staff tries to explain to his colleagues the appeal of Nascar (his argument in a nutshell: It's a good excuse to drink). And then some dumb shit like this pops off and he's left with not much to talk about.

This afternoon, on a day when Nascar should've been celebrated for one of the tightest finishes in its history, the sport is instead in the news because its fans booed First Lady Michelle Obama and vice president Joe Biden's wife Jill before the final race of the season. Leave aside the fact that the spectators were booing the president's and vice president's spouses, not the politicians themselves, and consider this: Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Biden were on hand to support an initiative seeking to help unemployed war veterans get jobs. Gentlemen, start your knee-jerk stupidity!

[via Yahoo]

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