Tim Tebow did it again. Yesterday afternoon, he led the Broncos to yet another fourth-quarter comeback against the Chargers—making his record an almost unbelievable 5-1 since he was named the starter of the team earlier this season. And now comes the news that one of those wins actually made an NFL coach sick to his stomach recently.

Following the Broncos/Jets game on the NFL Network's Thursday Night Football a little over a week ago, Jets coach Rex Ryan reportedly became physically ill after Tebow led a last-minute drive against the Jets vaunted defense to clinch a W. It got so bad, in fact, that an EMS unit from the Denver Fire Department had to be sent to the airport that the Jets were flying out of after the game to give Ryan treatment for severe indigestion.

And you thought Tebowmania and all of the media attention it brings made you sick.

[via Fan Nation]

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