Here's the story. Your girl went to Michigan State University or is simply a huge Spartans fan. And you want to get her something super thoughtful for Christmas this year. Well, then nothing's better than an MSU T-shirt from Victoria's Secret, right? Errr, just stick with us here. We promise the punchline is coming soon.

So you head over to the Vicky's website where they're selling—much to your delight—MSU T-shirts. Yay! you think. She gets a T-shirt. And I get a free subscription to the Victoria's Secret catalog that I've been hoping for all year. Score!

Only one problem, chief: The T that VS is selling—or, rather, was selling—has the words "HAIL TO THE VICTORS" printed across the front of it. And that is a HUGE fail, considering that it's MSU's arch-rival Michigan, who your girl no doubt hates, that uses "Hail Victors" as their fight song. So if you're gonna stick this under the tree this X-mas, let us give you a piece of advice: Hang onto that catalog! Because after your girl takes one look at this, we guarantee you're gonna need it.

[via Off The Bench]

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