Every girl out there has turn-offs. For most, immaturity, bad breath, and a lack of funds top the list. But for Charlene "Chaba" Barnum (@chaba1love), there's nothing worse than a guy that's just a little too matchy-matchy with his gear. "Like, wearing a yellow bandana under a yellow cap with a yellow sweat wristband on," she once said in an interview. "And a shirt with a yellow logo on it with denim jeans that have yellow stitching and yellow accents on the back pockets, yellow kicks with yellow laces...BARF IN MY MOUTH! Stop doing that, guys!"

And, really, can you blame her? Chaba got her start in modeling at a Hot Import Nights car show in Los Angeles in 2008. Since then, she's been featured in Performance Auto & Sound and Wheels and Heels. And trust us: She looks good in just about anything she wears. So if you want to kick it with her, you better make sure that you do, too.