Congratulations, Ndamukong Suh! Not only did you help cost the Lions a game against the Packers on Thanksgiving Day by getting ejected for stomping on the arm of Packers guard Evan Dietrich-Smith. But you're also going to cost them your services for the next two games (against the Saints and Vikings, respectively) now that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has decided to suspend you and force you to take anger management classes for your actions. Additionally, you just cost yourself about $164,000 in game checks thanks to the suspension. And while the NFL will let you appeal your suspension, they've also promised that they'll hold an expedited appeal hearing in your case which basically means that, well, you're gonna be suspended no matter what you do. So don't even bother appealing...

We really hope you learn a lesson from this whole mess. Namely, we hope that you keep up your intensity on the field without doing it in a dirty way moving forward. If not, this is going to happen again...and again...and again. So, like we said, congrats. You just put a huge bullseye on your back for the rest of your career and threatened your team's playoff chances for this season. Way to go!

[via ESPN]

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