Of course Chris "Birdman" Andersen wants to star in a new celebrity redneck hutning show! After all, this is the guy with "FREE BIRD" tattooed in every color imaginable on his neck. And, according to him, he's currently working with Converse to try and make his dream a reality. Recently, he spoke with SLAM about what he's been doing during the NBA lockout and revealed that he's in the process of filming the reality TV show.

"I've been training and whatnot about basketball," he said, "but also I'm trying to start a hunting show right now. So I'm out in the woods with Converse. It's gonna be called Willie B and the Good Ole Boys. Basically, with all my friends I grew up with down in Texas, and it's going to be celebrity rednecks that do crazy, dumb stuff."

That. Sounds. Awesome. We're pretty much over reality TV at this point. But who wouldn't watch this? Please, oh please, let this be a real thing.

[via Pro Basketball Talk]

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