It feels good to destroy things. It's just a fact of life. For whatever reason, releasing your energy onto helpless objects just gives you an easy way rid yourself of everything built up inside. We prefer objects that are cheap or easily replaceable. Edward Roth of the U.S. Navy prefers large, expensive items like office windows, computers, and automobiles. 

Roth, according to ABC 10 News, had no affiliation with the dealership and was simply strolling through the John Hine Mazda lot in Mission Valley, CA when he appeared to receive a bad phone call. He subsequently threw his phone at an SUV, threw a bench through an office, hurled computers around, and used a rock and club to destroy 14 new cars and one customer car

The attack, which ended with police tasering the 22-year-old, will result in burglary and felony vandalism charges. The original estimated damages come to about $50,000, but that's without the depreciation of the 14 cars that are no longer "new." If that isn't bad enough, we're sure the Navy will have even worse punishment for him. Happy Thanksgiving, sir!

[via ABC 10 News]