So, here's something the NBA player's union probably doesn't want to hear right now. With all this talk about some pro basketball players being overpaid and teams taking on contracts with players who don't ultimately hold up their end of the deal and perform up to their contract—ahemRashard Lewisahem—one of the most overpaid players of all-time just came out and said that he could buy an entire country right now if he really wanted to.

During his recent trip to Greece, T-Mac was asked by a fan on Twitter whether or not he was using his American Express black card overseas. His response? "I could buy that country w/ my blk card."

Hmmm...You're not exactly going to make us feel bad for the NBA players embroiled in the middle of a lockout by saying stuff like that, dude. But, then again, Greece's economy is in the tank right now, so should we really be that impressed? Probably not. [via Off the Bench]