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Now that Eddy Curry's inflated contract is off the books, we can all agree that Rashard Lewis is the most overpaid player in the NBA. Dude is currently playing out a six-year, $112 million contract with the Wizards and last season he managed to put up just 11 points and 5 rebounds per game. Pretty ridiculous how little he produces for how much he gets paid, if you ask us. However, he doesn't want you to blame him for the NBA's current salary woes. Because, you know what? If you had the chance to sign a deal that overpaid you, you would sign it, too, wouldn't you?

"You sign me to a deal, you think I'm going to say, 'No, I deserve $50 [million] instead of $80 [million]?'" Lewis told the Washington Post recently. "I'm like, 'Hell yeah.' I'm not going to turn it down. You can't blame the players. If anything, we don't negotiate the deal. We've got agents that negotiate the deals with the team. Y'all need to go talk to the teams and the agents."

Not for nothing, but he does have a point here. If NBA general managers and owners weren't so quick to put up piles of cash for lower-level superstars (we're looking at you, Atlanta!), the NBA probably wouldn't be having all the problems they're having now. But, still: You don't feel even a little bit bad about robbing the Wizards blind, Rashard? Really? Have a heart, man! [via Ball Don't Lie]