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Hooooooold up, Tim Tebow stans. That's the message Tom Brady delivered earlier this week when he was asked whether or not he thought TT would be able to live up to all of the hype surrounding him following his impressive comeback victory against the Dolphins on Sunday. From his own experience, Brady knows that Tebow is far from a finished product. So before you go comparing him to one of the greatest NFL quarterbacks to ever play the game, give him some time to develop.

"When you watch two or three highlights, you can't really say, 'Oh, this is the reason why,' or 'He's gonna be John Elway,'" Brady told The Dennis and Callahan Show during his weekly interview with the radio hosts. "You can't tell after one game...I know myself, in my second or third year, you're a long way away from where you're going to be as a player. I've learned so much, and I'm still learning, and this is my 12th year. There's not a game that I play in that I don't learn something and that I don't gain valuable experience from. It's a long process for a quarterback."

In other words, don't get Tebow's bust ready in Canton just yet. Especially if you watched the first 55 minutes Tebow played on Sunday before his epic comeback, which made him look like he was playing for a top spot on this list. [via FOX Sports]